Charlie Lankester and the Mojo Killers


Sad news and a posthumous album release

This posting is not by Charlie, but by his girlfriend Sarah. Sadly for all of those of us who knew him personally and through his music, Charlie passed away on 18th March. It feels terribly sad because there was so much more that Charlie had wanted to do with his time and many talents, both musically and otherwise, but it was not to be in this lifetime. Fortunately, despite being very ill he had managed to finish recording what we decided after his death to call “The Final Album”. This is being released on iTunes and Spotify next week on 15th June. Needless to say, it has some great tunes and great playing from Charlie and all concerned.

There are also a limited number of CDs available if downloading isn’t your thing. If you’d like one of these, please email me with your details on [email protected]

Very sadly, the album is also a posthumous tribute to Charlie’s friend and longtime member of the Mojo Killers Derek Mandel who passed away unexpectedly on 23rd April. Derek was a lovely person and an amazing musician and is greatly missed.



Country Domination

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Hi. Anyone in despair waiting for my next release could check out this album of World Domination artist, mainly in a Country style. I have one tune on it-‘Even the Bad Times Were Good’ from 2007 album of the same name. I don’t think it’s available to buy but any DJs can get it through me or World Domination Music.

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Hi, Punters. No news from me in a long while. We recorded through Autumn of 2015 but in October I got sick again & the scan in November showed a couple of small tumours in my Liver. Once again it was considered terminal & I was not expected to get well again unless I had some chemotherapy. which might give me some months of reasonable health before I went. I gradually & begrudgingly went back to my anti-cancer regime & gradually my health returned. Over that Winter I was able to do some violin & percussion overdubs...

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Charlie at The Commercial Hotel 29th November

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I’m now playing at The Commercial Hotel, Herne Hill on Sat 29th Nov, 9 until 11. Entry is FREE! See you there.

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Charlie Live at The Bird’s Nest 26th Sept

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Playing at the Bird’s Nest again by popular demand Fri 26th Sept, with Dallas Foster. Entry is free!

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