Charlie Lankester and the Mojo Killers

The Mojo Killers

After many years playing gigs in and around London (more later) I came to the point where I had identified the musicians whose playing I really liked and who were creative in a way I appreciated as well as being reliable and easy to get along with.

Daniel Howard

IMG_3712 - Daniel Howard

I’ve played with Daniel for about ten years now. We were introduced by a promoter and used to fill in Jazz and Blues sets at the Bug Bar in Brixton and later at other places for the same promoter. Later we evolved a 2 man song and dance set of these sort of songs with lots of rumba rhythms (hear Brixton Road on the album). Daniel brings a rich rhythmic mix of swing-jive and afro Latino beats. Visit Daniel’s MySpace page, Facebook page.

Dave Cuthbert

IMG_3731 - Dave Cuthbert

I met Dave thru Daniel and we did some wild gigs as rhythm section for rappers & jazzers. He started what would become The Mojo Killers as a 3 piece jazz band. They had a wedding to do, so called me in to sing and do some keyboards. The guitar player was a well-known jazzer and was often on tour, so Mark got drafted in for some gigs and really fitted in with band, so he stayed. Dave is a really clever, dependable bass-player.

Mark Hawkins

IMG_3708 - Mark Hawkins

I’d played with Mark in numerous covers bands and he used to come to a jam I ran with The Mojo Killers. Everyone agreed that he was the right man for the job. He’s a really tight, aggressive boogie guitar player.

Derek (Del) Mandel

IMG_3696 - Derek Del Mandel

I’ve played with Del the longest since I was often used as a stand-in with The 60s-Allstars and later he and I were both with the John Warwick All Star Band with Mick Avery from the Kinks and then eventually Dave Cuthbert joined on bass. Del helped me to put together my first album, Smoky Rooms as well as playing on it back in 2001.It’s hard to exaggerate Del’s music or credentials. In the ’70s he played on the Hare Krishna records with George Harrison and Paul McCartney, was in cult afro-rock band Danta, reggae band Oza and since then is recognised as of the best guitarists in the UK. Del can play anything with strings such as banjo, mandolin, bazouki, sitar, etc.

Paul Silver

Paul Silver pic 3

Gavin Broom

Gavin Broom

Nick Mills

Rich Mills