Charlie Lankester and the Mojo Killers

The Mojo Killers

Posted by in on Jun 20, 2013 | 3 comments


  1. R.S.V.P. 29th October, Bedford Arms. Any live music (Acoustic if electric banned, good on banjo too now! Haven’t been totally idle). Sorry for spreading premature news of your demise! Read the Eulogy I wrote, you can correct any mistakes now…& it’s really quite sweet I think. BTW may be a dad!!! So feeling positive for his sake, but keep it under your hat & think of an appropriate song. Also may need a short notice drummer for Halloween, gothic image helpful but good money.

    • See you on the night.

  2. Maybe do the 4 track’s by the Killer, Around & Around, Love in Vain…whatever, I’m only going on so long as I keep getting rejected by E-Mail.

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